William J Marshall & Partners

Geotechnical Engineering

We have extensive specialist experience in the following areas of geotechnical work:

  • gound investigation - desk study, factual and interpretative reporting
  • shallow foundations - pads, strip footings, rafts
  • deep foundations - driven piles, bored piles, CFA piles, barrettes
  • retaining walls - sheet pile, diaphragm, secant, contiguous, king post
  • underground structures - basements, boxes, cut and cover tunnels, bored tunnels
  • rock mechanics - rock bolts, anchors, sprayed concrete
  • earthworks and fill - properties, behaviour, specification, control
  • slopes - natural, cuttings, embankments
  • reinforced soils - geotextiles, geogrids, soil nails, ground anchors
  • ground improvement - dynamic compaction, stone columns, grouting, lime stabilisation
  • ground movement prediction - foundations, retaining walls, tunnelling
  • soil-structure interaction - foundations, retaining walls, underground structures

Numerical modelling of a tunnel