William J Marshall & Partners

Geotechnical engineering

We have advised on a broad range of geotechnical engineering issues, including:-

  • ground conditions - clay, sand, gravel, chalk, weak rock, rock, alluvium, peat, made ground, fill, opencast mining
  • ground investigation - desk study, site investigations, soil and groundwater testing, geology, factual and interpretative reports, design parameters, adequacy
  • soil mechanics - bearing failures, consolidation, compression, expansion, settlement, heave, soil-structure interaction, ground movement prediction, slag, desiccation, tree roots, groundwater
  • shallow foundations - pads, strip footings, rafts, underpinning, settlement, differential movements, bearing failures
  • deep foundations - driven piles, bored piles, CFA piles, barrettes, skin friction, end bearing, mini-piling, underpinning, settlement, differential movements, bearing failures, downdrag, ground borne vibrations, defects
  • retaining walls - sheet pile, diaphragm, secant, contiguous, reinforced concrete, gravity, king post, failure, displacement, corrosion, ground borne vibrations, defects
  • underground structures - basements, shafts, failure, water ingress, floatation, heave
  • tunnels - bored, jacked, cut and cover, sprayed concrete, water ingress, distortion, impact on adjacent structure
  • earthworks and fill - properties, behaviour, specification, control, compression, expansion, settlement, heave, expansive slag, collapse compression, inundation, groundwater
  • slopes - natural, cuttings, embankments, movement, failure, liquefaction, landslides
  • reinforced soils - geotextiles, geogrids, soil nails, ground anchors, movement, failure
  • ground improvement - dynamic compaction, stone columns, grouting, lime stabilisation, cement stabilisation, vibro-consolidatiom, specification, adequacy, settlement, failure
  • groundwater - aquifer, tidal, fluctuations, rising water-table, flooding
  • temporary working platforms - piling platforms, access-ways, plant overturning / collapse